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about us
This is a Last Icon Maker Standing for the Teen Wolf fandom. Anyone is welcome to participate.
1. You must join the community and you need to sign up before the first challenge in each round.
2. Each participant gets 1 skip at sign up, but you can get another one if you promote this community.
3. Challenges will be weekly and you must submit your entry before the deadline.
4. Voting will be done by comment and you'll be voting for you 3 LEAST favorite icons and your BEST icon choice. You need to give us your reasons for voting for each entry. BE NICE!
5. All entries should be created for this challenge. And please do not post them before the results are announced.
6. Icons must meet LJ requirements: less than 40kb and 100x100. No animation, everything else is allowed.
7. If you need to use a skip please leave a comment HERE. If you miss a challenge 1 skip will be used. If you're out of skips you'll be automatically eliminated.
8. Have fun! :)
to be added.